Gem Aero



35 hours endurance. 3,500 km range.

Manned aerial surveillance and surveying by helicopters is expensive. Large military UAVs are also expensive. What the civil market needs, is an inexpensive medium-sized aerial platform that can perform nearly all of the functions of a helicopter or a large military UAV, but at a tenth of the cost. Or perhaps even less.

The Gem-7 has been designed to fill that gap. A simple but robust airframe that can out-perform large military UAVs in both range and endurance. A platform that can be assembled and run by a team of two in fifteen minutes. A platform that is an order of magnitude less than other large UAVs, in both capital and running costs.

Welcome to the world of the Gem-7 long range UAV.


Technical Specifications:

Max Weight 295 kg
Empty Weight 170 kg
Wingspan 12.7 m
Length  5.3 m
Cruise Airspeed 100-120 km/hr
Max Airspeed 240 km


Payload Max 90 kg
Payload Norm 30 kg
Payload vs Endurance 30 kg = 35 hr / 90 kg = 9 hr
Payload vs Range 30 kg = 3,500 km / 90 kg = 900 km

Surveillance & Comms Equipment

  • Gimbal turret with 360° pan at 120º/sec
  • Mechanical and electronic stabilisation
  • HD video 1280 x 720p output, 30 x zoom
  • IR night sensor 640 x 480p and 60 mm lens
  • Scene and target capture
  • Other surveillance systems to order
  • SHF comms to base station, 150 km range
  • Link up to 12 Mbps data rate
  • UHF & VHF relay capabilities
  • Inmarsat Swift-Broadband satellite comms



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